Monday, December 17, 2012

Officially Limited "High Tide on White Lake" Print by Jay Ryan UPDATE

"High Tide on White Lake" by Jay Ryan is printed and available to ship immediately.  Orders received by the 17th should arrive in time for Christmas and John Otterbacher thinks it is a great present for any poster lover or free spirit on your list.

More Details from John:
Jay agreed to do a print to help raise funds for my documentary Officially Limited(which he is a participant in) and I love the piece he has come up with.  When we talked about the concept, my only requests were that it somehow have a Michigan and beach/water theme.  Jay and I both spent time as kids going to the area around White Lake, just North of Muskegon MI.  Those summers and time spent with family are really special to me and something that I want to continue with my family and daughter and I know Jay feels the same way.  One thing I love about Jay's work is that it is so accessible to people with different backgrounds and different age ranges.  I knew that not everyone would be interested in the movie poster art highlighted in Officially Limited so I wanted to offer a perk that anyone could be into and that would be family friendly.  Jay Ryan's work is art that I can put up in my home without upsetting my 3 year old(on more than one occasion, I have gotten "I don't like that man" while pointing at a print) and she has now has her own little gallery of Jay Ryan prints that she asked to have put up in her room.  I hope "Hight TIde on White Lake" will make it's way into the rooms of other little people and families in MI and beyond.  Thank you Jay Ryan.

The print is available at under the Jay Ryan - Michigan Art Print perk for $50.  To add a little holiday spice spice, any contributions at this level before X-mas will get free access to a streaming version of Officially Limited when it becomes available. 

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