Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tonight's Primus Poster from San Diego by Craig 'Tapecat' McCudden

Tonight's insanely awesome silkscreen poster for the San Diego show was made by the talented Mr Craig 'Tapecat' McCudden. The entire illustration was made on scratchboard with a knife... Amazing. Scratchboard is the most unforgiving medium, because if you make a mistake there is no fixing it. On sale info about the artist edition coming soon.

If you have ever been out in the woods and seen how the bugs go through an old piece of wood you will recognize that is how Craig formed the letters and date. As if the bugs went through the wood and spelled everything out.

100 pre tubed copies will be available at the merch booth. Come and grab one before they sell out! Check for tickets here:

Check out Bleeding Fingers Studio webpage

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  1. Very cool.
    I love scratchboard...annnnnd Primus. ;)
    I'll have to keep an eye out for this.

  2. Tapecat is SO talented... this is KILLLLLLLLER!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful... I'll be needing one of these!