Monday, December 17, 2012

Brett Amory Lil Homies Original Art On Sale Today

1xRUN are more than excited to welcome back artist Brett Amory who was recently named Visual Artist of The Year by the San Francisco Chronicle!

For his 3rd RUN, Brett has brought us 10 original paintings on masonite. Each of these Lil' Homies are one of a kind original paintings that continue with Brett's acclaimed Waiting series.

"These pieces are the same idea as my work with the Waiting series, they are just these random snapshots of the people that I see when I am out. They are a bit more of portraits, while the other Waiting pieces are a bit more landscape. It still falls into the Waiting series with the same concepts, these are just a little smaller. I wanted to make them a little bit more accessible for people that like my work.

The series is ongoing, I am at about 60 so far and there will be 10 available here on 1xRUN. I don't really have a plan on ending it any time soon. Each piece takes about an hour and a half, which is pretty short compared to some of my other pieces." - Brett Amory

Each Homie is 3 x 5 x .25 Inches Oil Paint on Masonite

Your chance to own a piece of original Brett Amory art happens today at NOON EST at

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