Friday, June 3, 2016

1xRUN x SprATX Present The X-Games Austin Featured Artists

This year SprATX and 1xRUN have teamed up to present the X-Games Austin 2016 Featured Artist Print Series! Curated by 1xRUN and SprATX three new editions will be available on 1xRUN beginning Thursday, June 2nd, as well as, onsite at the Austin X-Games! The 2016 lineup includes featured artists Brian Butler, Paul Jackson and Matt Gondek. If you're in Austin, be sure to swing by the X-Games and check out the massive two-story art house created by SprATX that will feature unique prints as only 1xRUN can provide!

"Elvis advertised peanut butter with banana and bacon, while the nearby authority ate some guy's face off. Checkout was at noon, so we had to air out all the smoke from the room. None of us could afford to lose the deposit" - Brian Butler

"I drew this image using an old playboy as a reference, obviously I changed up the face and added the bug. I love drawing kitsch, early B-movie inspired images, and I love insects - so needless to say I was as happy as a pig in a pie shop. I was also thinking how perhaps in another universe it would be normal to watch naked women wrestling giant bugs for entertainment... am i right?! No? Just me then." - Paul Jackson

"This piece is pulled from my January 2016 solo show in Santa Monica, California. The original piece is 36 x 48 Inches and was painted with acrylic on canvas," - Matt Gondek

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