Friday, June 3, 2016

Tom Whalen The Invaders Twilight Zone Poster Release From Dark Hall Mansion

Dark Hall Mansion is pleased to reveal the latest installment, "The Invaders," part of their official CBS licensed "The Twilight Zone" limited edition 10-print subscription series by artist Tom Whalen and available now.

Dark Hall Mansion, under license by CBS Consumer products, brings you Tom Whalen's take on the 1961 "Twilight Zone" episode, "The Invaders," written by Richard Matheson which finds Agnes Moorehead of Orson Welles' Mercury Players and "Bewitched" fame alone and pitted against some rather determined alien robots in an unnerving standoff that, in classic "Twilight Zone" fashion, will leave you thinking.

18" x 24" Standard edition screen print
18" x 24" Variant edition screen print with metallic ink highlights

This latest "Twilight Zone" print has already been printed and shipped to DHM's "The Twilight Zone" subscription series holders. If you'd like to subscribe to receive all past + upcoming "Twilight Zone" prints, know the 10-print Standard or Variant edition subscription is available in the "Twilight Zone" section of DHM's store here:

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