Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jeff Proctor Breakin Movie Poster Release From Skuzzles

Skuzzles is taking you back to the 80s with this cult classic. Skuzzles couldn't be more happy to release a limited edition screen print movie poster for cult classic break-dancing film, Breakin'.

Is there a child or teenager from the 80's who didn't hit up the linoleum kitchen floor to spin on their back?  You can guess who one of those kids was--Jeff Proctor. For this limited edition screen print movie poster, Skuzzles teamed up with Jeff Proctor. Almost 2 years back they originally asked Jeff if he would be interested in working on a cult horror poster. It turns out that although he has done a lot of horror related limited edition screen print movie posters in the past, he was more a fan of other genres.  Skuzzles asked him what his favorite cult film was and without hesitation he said Breakin'. They love Breakin' too, so they instantly acquired the license to make it official. They've been huge fans of Jeff Proctor, since his limited edition screen print movie poster for Lucio Fulci's film Zombi (which one of us owns). 
Mirroring the dance battles from the films, in 1984, production studios were racing to the cinemas to release the "Break Dancing Movie" of the summer.  MGM's Breakin' (Breakdance: The Movie, Break Street '84) just beat Orion's Beat Street to the theaters by 4 days. Ozone, Turbo, Special K, Pop N' Taco, Poppin' Pete, Lollipop and yes even JCVD, in his one piece, could not resist breakin' to some fresh beats.
ON SALE Friday June 3rd 1:00PM EDT -

Regular (red)
Limited edition of 100
6 Color Screen Print
24 x 36 Inches
Variant (pink)
Limited edition of 75
6 Color Screen Print
24 x 36 Inches  
BONUS: Whoever orders a Breakin' print within the first 2 days of sale, will be entered into a draw to win their print FRAMED in a super-high quality 24" x 36" acid free UV protective front loading frame from Spotlight Displays.

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