Thursday, January 26, 2017

Jay Ryan Hot Soup, How We Roll And 3 Print Set

jay ryan hot soup art print

Jay Ryan has released 5 new prints.

Hot Soup With Friends
It is time for comfort foods. It is cold out, folks have been outside marching, working together... and now it is time for soup.
18 by 24 inches. Five screens on cover weight stock.
Signed and numbered edition of 130.

How We Roll / How We March
Jay had ten guest printers (a group of bowling and biking fans) at the Bird Machine for a Workshop on Saturday, and even though he was sick as heck, and there was an excellent march going on downtown, they got these run in less than six hours! Very few available for sale.
Workshop print made on Saturday January 21, 2017, with ten guest printer/bowlers.
18 by 24 inches. Four screens on cover stock.
Signed and numbered edition of 75.

"Three Small Prints", including Sweaters!
In October 2016, Jay made three small prints based on images he had made for print demos in the preceding weeks. Those three are finally available now as a set. Sweaters (pictured), as well as Ada, and 092216. Heck of a title there, 092216. Very charismatic. Three 8"x10" prints for $20.
Three Prints, each 8 by 10 inches. Made in October 2016.
Ada, Sweaters, and 092216.
Four screens each, in a signed and numbered set of 100. Sold only as a set.

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