Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Shepard Fairey The Colossus of Destiny A Melvins Tale Movie Poster Release

The Melvins have one of the largest collections of posters of any band and now you can add Shepard Fairey to the list of artists who have documented their career.

The Melvins are one of my all-time favorite bands. In 1990, I discovered their albums Ozma and Bullhead and became obsessed. The Melvins channelled Black Flag and Black Sabbath but brought their own unique style that utilized power and negative space, thus creating this amazing tension. I designed this poster for the Melvins documentary “The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale,” which had select screenings last year and more to come in 2017. The film follows the band’s history, with rare behind-the-scenes footage from their early days in Washington to their multiple modern incarnations with an eye on the enduring influence they’ve had throughout their 30-year plus history. The documentary features interviews with Mike Patton, Chris Cornell, Jello Biafra, Gene Simmons, Krist Novoselic, Mark Arm, J. Mascis, Josh Homme, David Yow and many more. I’m thrilled to open this new year with this poster and hope that true fans get their hands on one of these! Happy New Year!

“I always thought it was strange that people didn’t know more about The Melvins and I felt their story needed to be told. The band members told me that a few people had talked the talk but had never followed up on their threats to make a film about them, so a little over two years ago things really fell into place and now the end product is finished for all to see, ” explained Director and Producer Bob Hannam, who worked in tandem with Ryan Sutherby to bring the film to fruition. “It has been a long labor of love for the both of us and we are excited for people to see the film and understand the workings of a truly great band.” -Shepard Fairey
January screenings of the film are confirmed for New York, Phoenix and Dallas with more to be added over the next couple of months. Check for more info. The film is planned to be released on dvd/blu-ray/digital in April 2017.

MELVINS COLOSSUS PRINT on sale January 5 at 10AM PST on in Store under Prints. 18 x 24 inches. Screenprint. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Edition of 300. $65.

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