Wednesday, January 4, 2017

David Welker Phish JRAD And Twiddle Posters Release

Bottleneck Gallery will release David Welker's 3 New Years Eve posters Wednesday at 12 noon EST. Phish will be by lottery for one hour and JRAD and Twiddle will go up at noon sharp.

David always always feels honored to be able to work with Ben LaFond of Burlesque of North America. His prints have a certain quality that is unmistakable. This Phish poster is a 5 layer metallic screen print in an artists edition of 50 signed and numbered prints. On sale via lottery on the Bottleneck gallery site for one hour at 12noon EST and available for $50

The Half & Half killed the hell outta this JRAD print according to David. Very vibrant. 15x20". Artists edition of 50 prints available tomorrow at noon for $40

Ray McD from Boulder Colorado gave Twiddle the aromatic inks with this 5 layer heavy print. Signed and numbered artists edition of 50 prints. 15x20" and $40

Buy them all at Wednesday.

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