Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jeremy Geddes Fall Art Print Release

Jeremy Geddes is very excited to announce the release of his new print “Fall”. This was a relatively small painting, so the print is smaller too. This has allowed him to sell the print at a more affordable price, which makes Jeremy very happy.

The print will be released on Monday 23rd January at 9am and the release will close Tuesday 24th January at 9am. These times are for Melbourne, Australia.

As a guide, the start time is Sunday 22nd January 5pm in New York, Sunday 2pm in San Francisco and Sunday 10pm in London going into Monday 23rd January.

Please check your times zones. Once the 24 hours is passed the release will be closed and the print will no longer be available.

The purchase button will appear in his store when the print is available (his Monday morning and everyone else’s Sunday afternoon/evening) and be available for 24 hours.

Some details about the print:
The print image is 39cm wide x 39cm high (paper size 42cm x 44cm) which is 16.5 x 17.3 inches.

It is US$97 (approx. based on today's exchange rate) or AUS$130. This price includes packing and postage.

This new print will be a timed release. This means you can purchase the print at any time during the 24 hour window and the number of prints sold in this time will determine the edition size.

Buy it at www.jeremygeddesart.com

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