Monday, January 30, 2017

Spiegelsaal Flaming Lips Berlin Poster

The duo that make up Spiegelsaal of Torsten Jahnke and Jochen Mönig have a crazy new poster for the recent Flaming Lips concert in Berlin.

More is more, when you print a poster for the Flaming Lips.
Nothing short of being their most ambitious printing project so far: 3 day-glo-colors, 2 metallics, 2 versions:
Day-glo-orange/green/magenta, blue metallic, dark-violet
Gold, day-glo-green/magenta, blue metallic, dark-violet

Plus they added some genuine UnicornShit to some of the posters. Really bad idea, the print shop is full of glitter now according to Torsten !

Now sale now in their shop:

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