Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tonight's Pixies Dallas Poster By TAZ

Heads up Dallas you are getting a good poster for the Pixies concert tonight. Done by none other than Jim Evans aka TAZ.

I asked Jim about the poster:
I’ve done a ton of gig posters, but never did one for PIXIES, which left a big hole in my portfolio. When Chris from TSURT checked in an offered me a chance to do one for the Dallas show, I obviously jumped at it, and PIXIES being so iconic made it a unique challenge. I decided to go the German expressionist route, dark, noir, and informed by constructivism on a tribal tattoo tip. I wanted it to have the feeling of a 30’s sci-fi film poster, so I added the Metropolis-style lettering. The main image is clearly a dystopian scientist who represents the bizarre future to come. The support band Public Access TV gave me the idea to link it all up with a retro TV / electronic vibe.
The size of the poster is 18x24, and it’s a 7-color silkscreen. It is printed on #100 Cougar paper. There will be 75 signed and numbered pieces. It will go on sale very shortly at

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