Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tyler Stout Civil War Artist Edition Posters Release LOTTO

Here are the details for Tyler Stouts newest poster. If you're interested in purchasing his poster for Captain America: Civil War, here's how to enter. anyone who enters is eligible, and entering is, of course, free.

The lottery will be closed by 12PM Wednesday, April 5th, Pacific Daylight Time.

Sarah will pick from the email entries and send out emails Wednesday, April 5th, hopefully by 3PM PDT. For updates, check

First off, and this is CRITICAL, only enter ONCE. If you enter more than once, you'll be disqualified. and with that info....

Email your Name and Shipping Address to by 12PM PDT Wednesday, April 5th ---- you can put Civil War in the subject line, or leave it blank. Due to time constraints we don't read the emails, Sarah just goes through and selects people randomly. She then checks to make sure they have a name and shipping address. No need to write more than your Name and Shipping address.

If you're picked, you can choose to purchase either 1 regular or 1 variant (as long as copies are available). You cannot purchase both. If you do, you'll be refunded on both.

Posters will be $65 for the regular, $110 for the variant. Plus shipping.

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