Monday, April 3, 2017

Thirdman Records Pressing Opening Rob Jones Poster

Rob Jones made some shiny paper to commemorate the grand opening of Third Man Pressing, the new state of the art pressing facility attached to Third Man Records in Detroit. Rob thinks it looks to be a hell of joint, like what he would imagine a record plant looks like in the future in a movie made in the 80's, like "Looker" or something. That sort of possible flying car future that never seems to arrive. So paint your Honda like a tardis and head to Motor City and get a peek at progress.

Rob had a little help from Nat Strimpooulos and Roe Peterhans. Roe observed the half globe looked a bit like the spoke street layout for downtown Detroit and sent Rob a quick map to illustrate. He thought that was an interesting echo to use on the pressing plate at the bottom and included it in its center.

The poster is 24 X 36 inches and a 3 color screen print including 2 metallic silver inks
on 100 lb French Pop-tone “Lemon Drop” cover stock paper
Artist Edition of 123 signed and numbered.

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