Monday, April 3, 2017

Spiegelsaal Cherubs Whores And Big Business European posters

Torsten Jahnke and Jochen Mönig who make up Spiegelsaal have some new posters for some big European tours.

First they've done the European tour gig poster for the legendary Austin TX noise gods Cherubs. The poster is based on their song "Monkey Chow Mein", reminds me of the old movie Faces of Death.

50 × 70 cm, 300gsm, 3 different grey papers
4-color screenprint
Print run: 50 s/n

In their shop now:
The second poster is another European tour gig poster for Atlanta, GA noise gods Whores. and Big Business.

It's based on the busy bee from "Bloody like the day you were born" mixed with the pill head from "I see you are also wearing a black t-shirt".

50 × 70 cm, 300gsm white paper
2-color screenprint
Print run: 75 s/n in solar gold, 25 in bronze

In the Spiegelsaal shop after the tour around the first of May

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