Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Size of the Fight Faile Poster

One of the Patrick's at the show.

Faile currently have a new show open in Detroit with one of their favorite galleries out there, Library Street Collective. The gallery is involved in so many aspects of bringing art to the city and the guys in Faile feel it's great to see how energized Detroit feels right now.

This show is one of their first in several years to focus on their wood paintings along with new works on paper and a few other sculptural pieces. The show highlights a variety of mediums and methods from their practice along with a series of public works outside the gallery for the “Public Matter” series.

Visit: Images of the show here via FAILE.
Visit: Library Street Collective.

Faile created two new prints that will run in conjunction with the show one of which is available.

Visit: The FAILE Shop.

Size of the Fight
Offset Edition, Unnumbered
215gsm Mohawk Paper
25 x 34 Inches
Signed FAILE 1986
This Size of the Fight image was made with the feelings of the city in mind from our past trips there. A nod to the urban sprawl of Detroit, to the creative class that's helping rebuild the heart of the city and a look to the universal dreamers in us all who continue to push to create a better tomorrow. May the size of your fight always be determined by your passion and drive – not your physical vehicle.

The new offset print will be unnumbered and available for a limited time. Another image will be released from the show later this summer. We’ll keep you posted on updates soon. -Faile

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