Monday, July 10, 2017

Adam Pobiak Royal Trux London Posters Release

Adam Pobiak is releasing a poster for another band that he really loves.

Edition of 100
Printed on Mirri 220gsm Silver foil 5 colors: white, yellow, red, green and black
12 x 24 in

Xerox variant
edition of 25

Crystal variant
Edition of 10

Gold variant
edition of 5

All posters are signed and numbered by Adam
There was a good 5 years of my life when Royal Trux were hands down by far my favourite band.  Over a stretch of the late 90’s and early 2000’s I had tickets to see them 5 times, once I couldn’t manage to get there, the others times they either canceled in advance or just didn’t show up. This will make a bit more sense if you know they are almost as well known for their overzealous drug habits as they are for their their music. (it may also make some sense of the artwork on the poster). In fact the last time I didn’t see them (in my home town of Pittsburgh) their not showing up lead to the final break up of the band, until they reformed in 2015. To carry on with my tradition of not seeing them wasn’t able to go to this London show as I was in Barcelona for Flatstock, BUT I did FINALLY manage to see them at the Primavera sound festival, and it was every bit as train-wreck-ish as i could have hoped for. Long live Royal Trux.-Adam
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