Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rain Over Me Foilz HPM On Rain Drop Foil Release

As many of you know The Who and specifically Keith Moon made the RAF roundel a part of the Mod culture of England back in the 60's and all in the name of style and pop-art. But where did it come from originally ?

During the First World War, the French used a tricolor cockade symbol to distinguish their planes from enemy aircraft. Initially the British painted the Union Jack under the wings and on the sides of their planes, however, from a distance, this marking was easily confused with the German Iron Cross. From 11 December 1914, the British followed the example of the French and, by reversing the colors of the target, created their own roundel and the new standard marking for the RAF.

After seeing this paper, with my love for The Who, Quadrophenia and Pearl Jam the idea came together.

Rain Over Me is a 12 x 12 inch HPM with Montana Gold spray paint and 2 stencils. The Rain Drop Foil paper is amazing in person. If you catch the light at the right angle it really looks like you are looking into a pool of water. Each one is unique and hand made. This has an edition of only 19.

There will also be a random GIVEAWAY of 3 test HPM's. The first one on Lava Foil is Fan Test. Yes I put the paper on a window fan turned it on and let the paint fly, only made 1. Next is Red Stickman on Rainbow foil, once again edition of only 1. The last one is White/Glow in the Dark Stickman on Rainbow Foil edition of 1. These will be randomly inserted into orders.

Handbill HPM's you can also order the Stickman on Lava Foil handbill that measures 5x7 inches. Or the Skull King on Lava Foil measuring 5x7 inches he was done with fluorescent paint and looks great under a black light.  You can only order these if you order Rain Over Me.

Rain Over Me goes on sale at 2PM EDT Wednesday on the FOILZ Page in the store HERE

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