Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Join the Resistance Foilz Hand Painted Multiples HPM Art Release

Truth, Justice and the American Way was first heard in autumn 1942 by the fans of the Superman radio show. Yes people used to listen to the radio for entertainment. This great nation was started on the resistance movement from the King of England and for 241 years the men and women of the military and private sector have fought for America.

But now this administration wants our country to no longer be a leader in the world, no longer a beacon of hope those around the world wanting a better life. He would rather play golf, lie, threaten journalist who call him out on his bullshit, deny certain peoples civil rights and try to impose his dictator like policy's in order to enrich his family.

On this Independence Day do not accept anything this presidential administration does as normal. Question everything and never give up the fight for the truth and what is right. My disgust with the current situation bore this to serve as a constant reminder to not accept what is happening.  There is a red edition of 5 and a black edition of 5 both on Lava Foil paper measuring 12 x 12 inches. They were created with Montana Gold Spray paint.  On sale now at https://insidetheposter.com/collections/exclusive-prints-and-original-art/products/chef-join-the-resistance-foilz-hand-painted-multiples-art-hpm-2017

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