Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Don Lawver Nirvana In Utero Prints

Over the past 40 years concert photographer Don Lawver has shot nearly half a million photos of hundreds of the world's biggest acts around the world. With over 400,000 negatives spanning 238 genres, Lawver's collection is one of the world's largest collections of live color concert photography, many of which have never been seen until now. 1xRUN are excited to showcase four new prints from Don Lawver featuring Nirvana in 1993 as the trio of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl played in Lakeland, Florida. Read on for the story behind these photos and be sure to snag the 3-print set or a unique edition featuring Kurt Cobain on metal while you still can.

"I'm always searching for visuals that not only emanate from the artist(s) themselves but have to do with lighting and where it evolves from and the angles and the spotlights. At this particular show I immediately noticed that behind the performers there were angels being used as props. When the show started I realized they were using full stage screens and at times the angels were illuminated by one full color and the 3 alternating colors seemed to be yellow, green and red. That’s when I decided to line up dead center in front of Cobain and wait for it to look as if he was wearing the angel’s wings. I then waited for the screen to become solid red because the wings were mostly green and I liked the contrast. The color combination was visceral and that’s when I nailed the shot." - Don Lawver

 In Utero - Aluminum Print

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 Nirvana 1993 - 3-Print Set

Buy it at  https://1xrun.com/run/don-lawver-nirvana-1993-3-print-set

 Complete Set - Nirvana 1993 3-Print Set and In Utero - Aluminum Print

Buy it at  https://1xrun.com/run/don-lawver-complete-set-nirvana-1993-3-print-set-in-utero-aluminum-print

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