Thursday, October 19, 2017

Foo Fighters Print By James Flames Release

James Flames has been waiting a long time to work with one of his very favorite bands, the Foo Fighters.

James on the poster design
The illustration focuses on this dude and his guitar – he’s plugged-in to the most incredible wall of amplifiers ever seen. He lets it rip, and it’s like he creates a sonic boom that pushes a wave of amplifiers to crest right above him. To me, the best thing about a Foo Fighters show is the feeling that the band is pushing it so hard, that everything can almost fall apart at any moment. But it stays together, hinged on that momentum towards chaos, and the pure power of the performance is unforgettable. That was the vibe I wanted to create with this drawing.
James hand printed these posters with the brightest and most saturated inks, using two different split-fountains (a screen-printing technique to blend multiple colors across the image).

And he also printed two very limited HoloFoil variants. One is the "Hot Dots" HoloFoil, and the other is "Diamonds" HoloFoil, with a pattern that moves and evoles as the light bends around it. They're both pretty sick.

Everything will be available Thursday, October 19th at 1pm Eastern at

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