Monday, October 23, 2017

Widespread Panic Milwaukee Print Collaboration Matt Leunig Jim Mazza Release

This is the third time Matt Leunig has done a Milwaukee tour print for Widespread Panic and its becoming one of their big shows every year, they discussed doing something a little different this time around. Poster artist Jim Mazza is a badass illustrator and Matt has always liked his work for years. THey had been talking about doing a collaboration on a piece for a while and this event seemed the perfect opportunity. As the show was a 3-day event a triptych of posters seemed to be the perfect approach.

 With Milwaukee being Brew City they loved the idea of a crazy Alice in Wonderland-themed Roktoberfest with bottle cap mushrooms and flying beer bottles. It truly was a collab with each of them taking elements of each others posters into their own and countlessly sending ideas/sketches back and forth. Matt did the left poster and Jim the right poster then both of them worked on the center one.

The band received a print run of 200 of each poster as well as 200 uncut sheets. Each print is 12′ x 24′, the uncut measuring 36′ x 24.

Jim and Matt have an Artist Edition of 40 sets (20 uncuts) that they split and will be selling at the same time on their individual websites.

Along with the regular edition they will have a small variant run of cut sets/uncuts on different foil papers available,.. including:
– Rainbow Foil (Cut sets – 28/ Uncuts – 20)
– Sparkle Foil (Cut sets – 8/ Uncuts – 8)
– Oil Slick Foil (Cut sets – 18/ Uncuts – 18)
– Lava Foil (Cut sets – 23/ Uncuts – 20)

On sale Monday at 2pm EDT at

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