Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jonathan Burton Rear Window Movie Poster Release

Mad Duck is excited to bring you stunning new licensed posters for Alfred Hitchcock's mystery/thriller masterpiece "Rear Window", with art by the amazing Jonathan Burton! Jonathan had the following to say about the movie and the inspiration for his design:
"Stylistically Rear Window uses Edward Hopper as an inspiration where peering into other people lives, particularly through lit windows before the blinds are pulled down, gives us an insight into a characters loneliness or reveals dysfunctional couples unable to communicate. Voyeuristically we see the neighbourhood through the eyes of Jeff but the film also turns our eyes onto his life and the failing of his relationship with Lisa. I wanted to show that double voyeurism in the poster where we are looking at their flaws as Jeff, being more interested in the goings on of his neighbours, pays little attention to his beautiful and stylish girlfriend who is waiting for him to take notice of her."
"Rear Window" is the second release in an ongoing Hitchcock series with Jonathan Burton. They will offer limited quantity bundles of matching number Vertigo/Rear Window sets. If you previously purchased Vertigo from Mad Duck and would like a matching number with Rear Window, simply let them know.

Regular - 24x36, 9 Color Screen Print, Hand Numbered, Run of 300, $65

Variant - 24x36, 9 Color Screen Print, Hand Numbered, Run of 150, $85

"I'm not much on rear window ethics", 8x10, 4 Color Screen Print, Hand Numbered, Run of 200, $25

The posters and the companion art print, "I'm not much on rear window ethics" go on sale this Wednesday, October 4th, at 12PM Eastern time! At www.madduckposters.com

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