Saturday, February 10, 2018

Chuck Sperry Edwardian Ball Poster 2018 Release

It’s Edwardian Ball time again, and Chuck Sperry always takes great pleasure in working with Justin Katz, the Edwardian Ball impresario, and once again Chuck had a lot of fun making this poster!
My Edwardian Ball posters always have an edge of social critique in them. They are done with a wink and a nod, in keeping with the enjoyment of attending such an elaborate period pageant.

Most of the attendees also realize that the Edwardian era was one of unabashed and ostentatious oligarchy, unrivaled economic imperialism and a presumed European superiority complex. It’s all of these things that makes the period so bizarre to us today. I’ve always endeavored to reveal this outrageous and bizarre sense of imperial entitlement in my Edwardian Ball posters, and keep them wild and fun.

My poster this year is a fanciful portrait of famed New York titan and oligarch, John Jacob Astor IV, with his pregnant, 18 year old, newlywed wife Madeleine — during their deliciously scandalous honeymoon to France and Egypt — on an evening walk outside the Paris Opera sometime before returning to America aboard the Titanic.

The wealthiest man aboard the doomed ship, and with $25,000 cash discovered frozen in his pocket, Astor went down with the ship. A cautionary tale for the Trump Era. - Chuck
Edwardian Ball 2018
15 x 35
Signed and Numbered Edition of 125
3 colors on cream paper

This poster is officially available at the show in LA. Chuck will be making a very limited online release of this poster on Sunday, February 11, 2018 at a random time at

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