Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jock Empire Strikes Back Movie Poster Release From Mondo

Two years ago, Mondo set out on a course with Acme Archives and one of their favorite artists in the galaxy, Jock, to create a series of posters celebrating the iconic Star Wars saga. They kicked it off with “Into the Garbage Chute, Flyboy,” at SDCC ’16. Today, they’re proud to announce that the second poster in the series, “That Armor’s Too Strong for Blasters,” will be available as a Timed Edition (as well as Limited Edition variant) starting Tuesday!

Featuring Luke’s heroic take down of an AT-AT via lightsaber, Jock continues to provide his unique take on the films by choosing to focus on stunning pivotal moments within each episode. “That Armor’s Too Strong for Blasters” will be available as a Timed Edition on Tuesday, 2/20 at 12PM (CT) and will run through Friday, 2/23 until 12PM (CT). There will be a Limited Edition variant of the artwork available at 12PM (CT), as well.

That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters by Jock. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Timed Edition. Available Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CT through Friday (2/23) at 12PM CT.

That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters (Variant) by Jock. 36"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275. Available Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CT.

These posters will be available online Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CST via mondotees.com.

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