Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jay Ryan Safety In Numbers & Anxious To Ride Prints Release

Jay Ryan has a couple of new prints, one includes a mammoth and ten cats. I don't know where they're going, and I don't know where they've been, but I know they're feeling more comfortable as a group than if they were by themselves. The print is 18 by 24 inches. Four screens on French cover stock. Signed and numbered edition of 140.

This past Saturday, Jay Ryan and The Bird Machine had ten guest printers (from around the country) over to the shop to spend six hours making print this print titled Anxious To Ride. Despite the current weather (extremely cold, soon-to-be-snowy), Jay is getting itchy to be back on the bike, just like these three mammals. If you're somewhere warmer, go ride your bike around the block for him.

Buy them at  https://thebirdmachine.com/

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