Friday, February 9, 2018

Baby Blissed Out Bug by Marq Spusta Statue Release

Bottleneck Gallery are incredibly proud to reveal a project that they’ve been working on for the past two years: Marq Spusta’s Baby Blissed Out Bug statue!

Marq’s psychedelic art has always entranced BNG, so they were ecstatic about giving that 2D bliss a third dimension. Working alongside some incredible specialists--Paul Harding (Sculptor), Jason Wires (Modeling), & Michael Cowart (Painter)--and staying true to Marq’s vision for his beautiful bug, they’ve produced something they think is truly special for Marq’s fans.

In addition to the finely detailed statue, each order of the Baby Blissed Out Bug statue includes a mystery 5 x 7 inch mini-print that continues the story of the Blissed Out Bug. BNG think everybody will be bugging out when they see the statue and print in-person!

6 inch tall resin statue
Edition of 515 (Each box will be hand-numbered)

Marq’s Baby Blissed Out Bug statue will be available for purchase Friday (2/9) at 12PM EST at !

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