Tuesday, February 6, 2018

James Flames moe. Poster Chester Poster Release

After a bit of a hiatus, moe. is back! And it was an absolute honor for James Flames to be asked to create the poster for their triumphant 2-night return to the stage at the amazing Capital Theatre in Port Chester, NY this past weekend.

These posters sold out at the shows, so his Artist's copies are the last ones left. They all go up for sale Tuesday the 6th at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific.
The illustration is titled "World of moe.", and the concept is centered on this floating planet where musicians come from far and wide to visit and just enjoy the vibes.

At the northern pole of the planet is a giant key, which goes straight through the entire planet. It's the thing that makes the planet hold a unique experience for each of the people who visit -- each group brings their own key, they insert it and turn it, and the party begins!

So one musician is up at the top, and he's in charge of the key. Another musician is already sitting on one of the bridges, working on some chords for a new jam. Another musician is rowing over the magic lake, and two other musicians are rowing over from the last planet they were visiting.

The planet is full of life too: the branches and trunks of the trees can all float apart and fly around for awhile like birds, enjoying the fresh air; the mushrooms do a little dance every time the music plays; and the aforementioned magic lake, where you don't swim IN it, you swim OVER it! -James Flames
These are all Limited Edition Screen-printed posters, including a Regular edition, a "Galactic Diamonds" HoloFoil variant edition and "Space Lava" HoloFoil variant edition. Everything will be available Tuesday, February 6th at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific on www.jamesflames.com

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