Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Panic - Vote Fantome

Your Vote is required!!!

Adam Fantome just uploaded a poster entry for Dont Panic , its called ' TV Created A Monster In Me' If chosen the artwork would be printed on about 80,000 posters which are distributed free. He would really appreciate if you could take the time out to vote, he is a week behind on voting so he has some major catching up to do! The current Dont Panic poster was designed by some fella called Banksy.

To vote you have to register - which is pretty easy, you just need an email and password. Details Below

If you like the poster - please vote an help Adam out

Register here:

Vote here:

About Dont panic

The Don't Panic Pack is a unique free publication found in carefully selected independent shops, bars, universities and art spaces. Also distributed outside alternative music events and launch parties, it contains all sorts of arts and culture goodies and information for cities all around the world with the emphasis on design and the future of our planet. At the heart of the pack find the Don't Panic Poster where a rotation of established and unknown, up and coming artists design around an issue that affects culture across the world. On this site find an interactive online magazine to further explore the issue raised on the poster where you can contribute to the debate with text, graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, music and film for all to see.

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