Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peaceful Traveler Screen Printed Maps and other Treats

Rod who is Peaceful Traveler sent over information on his endeavor. Peaceful Traveler is one man from philadelphia. He started making/printing posters and such with his buddy joel of outlaw print co. in 1998...
They made show posters, wheat pasted flyers, band t-shirts, etc.
about 4 years ago he started making a philadelphia map to give to friends and such. feedback was good, so he made more... and here he is now with
about 10 various maps/charts, and about 5 more in the works.

Rod does carpentry mostly as a job, started framing some prints recently, simple and trimmed out frames...
he did not go to art school, he did take some classes....
he doesnt know much about graphic design. he hand draws everything, use text for small stuff.
he goes by the peaceful traveler because of a friend who was inspiring
while traveling / on tour with bands...peaceful traveler is backed up by his & his friends record label ->hot dog city records. www.hotdogcityrecords.com

Check out his work at PeacefulTraveler.bigcartel.com/

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