Monday, March 29, 2010

May 15 2010 x New York City x DEUCE 7 GALLERY SHOW

It is with great honor that I'm able to announce DEUCE 7's first gallery show in New York City. He will be bringing his unique style and talent to New York for the first time in a gallery.

Deuce has been painting his ass off over on the West Coast with the anticipation of this up coming event.

The show will be May 15 at Secret Project Robot.

Secret Project Robot: Art Experiment is a not for profit dedicated to the documentation and proliferation of contemporary art and current cultural trends in music, performance, dance, the party and social theory. It was founded in 2004 by a group of friends who produce, observe and interact with art as a way of life. Secret Project Robot's mission is to engage viewers by emphasizing the interconnectedness of art and society and the importance of participation. We believe that if people understand that art often acts as a mirror to society, and therefore contextualizes elements of our daily lives, they will see the fun and importance of the arts as a tool for cultural and personal analysis.Each opening and event at Secret Project Robot acts as not only an archive but also a platform for lively dialogue and interactivity. Secret Project robot places equal responsibility on the viewer and artist to create the most dynamic show possible...We believe that the role of our gallery in the 21st Century is to be a community-centered organization that makes art an inclusive and changeling platform for dialogue and social amusement.

To reinforce the idea, Secret Project Robot reaches out to the community and hosts bimonthly music showcases, in addition to monthly art openings, and an annual block party, where bands play on the streets or in abandoned lots. Bands such as Lightning Bolt, Oneida, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ExModels, The Liars, Golden Triangle, The Vivian Girls and Big A Little a have all played in recent years

Secret Project Robot is located
210 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

So plan to be at this event, it will blow your mind.

Check out my interview with him last year

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  1. finally! the man gets his own solo show in my favorite city in the world. see all you deuce freaks there!