Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Static Pope My Ride Art Print

Static sent me an email telling me about their latest release- POPE MY RIDE !! I'm glad they did this is pretty rad.

Its called 'Pope my Ride', to celebrate the Pope's planned visit to the UK later this year and seeing his car was looking a little 2009, they have done their own version of the MTV hit show 'Pimp my Ride!'

It comes in 3 color ways each an edition of 25 (so 75 total) with a few special 1/1's as normal :)
(Green / Yellow colorway of 25 attached)

they are 56 x 56 cm and are 8 colour screen prints with a 3 layer varnish to finish. Prices are as follows

Main editions £95 each + P&P
Specials 1/1's £125 each + P&P

check them out in the 'Editions' section of their website: www.welikestatic.com

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