Monday, November 15, 2010

Emek Ween Halloween Poster on sale today

Emek's next poster up for sale is WEEN on Halloween

He thought it was about time someone made a poster based on the world's most popular ad...and what better band than WEEN? And every pill is a Ween song...lots of Ween references in this one...classic album cover homages to The Pod, Chocolate and Cheese and even La Cucaracha...

6 color silkscreen
Signed, Numbered, Embossed, and Doodled
Limited Edition of 420 - most of which went to the show
measures: 17.5" x 25"
$69 + shipping

There will be a few special variants placed randomly in a few lucky orders

Go to at 1:00pm Pacific Time on Monday November 15th

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