Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old Time Star Wars Artist Prints by Nick Agin

Nick Agin is a graphic designer working out of NYC. He works in the branding industry on giant corporate identity projects, which gets boring, so he mostly just produce prints after hours for his own sanity.

He just released some Iconic Star Wars characters meets Old-Timey Aesthetic, the first installation of a four part series. Limited edition of 100. Each is a 3 color screenprint on Speckletone French cover stock (80lb); hand-printed, signed, and numbered.

Buy them HERE and check out his other work


  1. These remind me of Icons of the Empire by Mike Mitchell. I really like both but since I picked up the Mitchell print I am going to have to pass on this Agin one. I like the work though.

  2. this is a rip-off of a piece by artist Mike Mitchell:

  3. I did make him aware of the Mike Mitchell piece. He said he was unaware of it. Not to defend him but Star Wars has become this generations Campbell's Soup Can. Also if he did copy it, I doubt he would be out contacting people to spread the word about his work knowing the inevitable shit storm that would follow.

  4. I've contacted Mike directly, letting him know that I was unaware of his piece until Gary here at ITRPF showed it to me. This is a misunderstanding. Hopefully we can work something out, or I'd be happy to pull my piece down and develop an alternate character instead. My stormtrooper was originally developed as an extension of the vadar piece I did, of which i was planning on doing a 4 part series.