Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Movie posters from Derek Gabryszak

Derek just finished a couple of new posters. The first one is for a film about Graham Parker (UK musician big in 70's/80's). It's called Don't Ask Me Questions and is directed by Michael Gramaglia, who did a Ramones doc a few years back.

The poster will have three versions, the red one (main poster) and he'll soon be printing blue and green ones too, I'll keep you updated. The numbered run for production went fast so all he has left are misprints, not in the first numbered run, they are still good condition though, so he's releasing them discounted.

He also did posters for the film I Like You, an upcoming indie from Reno, NV, and for a UK short that got some attention at the Manhattan Short Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival called Watching.

Buy them HERE

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