Monday, November 15, 2010

Please Welcome My Newest Sponsor **Amplified Art Gallery**

Amplified Art is a music themed art gallery situated in the heart of Raleigh North Carolina's historic City Market district. The goal of Amplified Art is to bring together the creative forces of both music and art into a unique space where the public can experience the marriage of both mediums free of constraints. They specialize in gig posters, fine art, handmade apparel, novelties and more. In addition to art and apparel sales, they also offer archival framing services to complement any art piece.

Amplified Art is the brainchild of Diana Tong and Ryan Miller. While spending a number of weeks travelling across the United States in search of both a bigger meaning to this life, as well as the best cheeseburger, the two returned home to Raleigh with a very hazy idea of a space that celebrates creativity in all forms.

"From an early age, I've been drawn to music on so many levels. Art was always there, but as more of an outlet, where music was something I appreciated and held in the highest regard." - Ryan

After returning with a newfound direction, the two set out to fine tune their collective vision. Armed with a decade long obsession with gig posters, the two immediately began delving deeper into music related art. From posters to photography; 3D installations to album artwork; experimental video to fine art; they consumed music and art at a record pace.

"Once we figured out what we wanted to present to the public, finding the right space for such a innovative concept was crucial. When we came upon the space at City Market, it just seemed like the perfect fit. You have this great amount of
preexisting art apprectiation and some great restaurants - which always is a plus!" - Diana

Once the space was secured they turned their focus to the community. Reaching out to local NC artists and musicians, they found that the community was not only receptive to such an idea, but began embracing it immediately. Since its opening in late October 2010, Amplified Art has continually searched for new ways to create, combine and present music and art in new and innovative ways to the people of Raleigh and beyond!

Amplified Art
224 East Martin Street
(Historic City Market)
Raleigh, NC 27601

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