Friday, November 12, 2010

New Mondo STAR WARS Poster, “Attack Position”, Featuring Chewbacca by Rich Kelly

We’re now just past the halfway point on Mondo’s stellar run of Star Wars-inspired posters. “Attack Position” is 24×36, limited to an edition of 400, will cost $50, and will go on sale today, November 12th, at Mondo’s official site at a random time.

Here’s what Kelly had to say about the poster:

“When I was approached with this project, a considerable amount of artistic liberty was encouraged. After re-watching the original trilogy and observing how Chewbacca interacted with the rest of the characters, I realized that on more than one occasion he was basically used for comic relief with Han. Even during some of the battle scenes he seems to be fumbling around a bit. As a kid, I definitely remember thinking of him as a major force to be reckoned with. Therefore, I decided I wanted to depict “Chewie” as one bad dude; kicking ass and taking names. Endor came to mind as an appropriate environment, with Chewbacca gliding down a fallen tree, about to attack a couple of unsuspecting storm troopers.”

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