Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Print Now Available at 1xRUN by David Chung

David Chung
Finger-Crab Helps Gillman Try On Mustaches For His Big Date
11 x 14 in. Signed & Numbered

Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper

David talks about the print:
I have always felt bad for the monster in monster movies like this, especially when it gets shot at or killed in the end. It just never seemed fair to me. Nobody really ever considers the monster's point of view. Of course if you're going to startle and shoot at him, he's probably going to kill part of your crew in self defense. That's what happens when you get all up in a wild animal's business. And just because he decides to kidnap a beautiful woman and drag her down to the bottom of a lagoon and into a secret cave doesn't mean that he's going to rape and kill her. So I don't know what everybody always freaks out about. For all we know he was probably just going to take her out for a fancy lobster dinner and then spend the rest of the night talking about feelings. Then of course it's always interrupted by some a-hole who cock blocks him by shooting him in the chest 50 times and steals the woman back. pssssh! Whatever. Poor Gillman :(

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