Monday, November 8, 2010

Keith Neltner Charlie Louvin Still Rattlin' The Devil's Cage Art Print on sale details

Neltner Creative is co-directing with JuddFilms a documentary for Mr. Charlie Louvin who is battling cancer and has mounting medical expenses. The result will be 1000 DVDs that Charlie can sell, the film makers are doing the project at no cost. They are running the project through to help raise $3,000 to pay for DVD duplication and travel expenses to the venue.

Keith Neltner has created a stark portrait titled: "Still Rattlin' The Devil's Cage" for the night, commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Louvin Brothers: Satan is Real, a landmark country album. If you donate to kickstarter, as an incentive, you will receive one of the limited prints. A small number will be available on Dec. 6th + an art print version via

Details: 22" x 27" 5 color on rag art paper. printed by the BLDG.

The kickstarter link:

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  1. where can i get a copy of this print sent to me at my new home outside of tn?