Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Niark1 Ouvreventre art print on sale at 1xRun

The hyper-intensity that results when surrealism is applied to the liberated spirit of graphic design is a wonder to behold these days. Take this piece by Niark1, for example. A tableau of morphed figures and animals, it is a colorful rearrangement of familiar energies and evokes the "teeming fun" that one British writer famously ascribed to the microscopic world. But there is also the substance of menace; the two most prominent figures in the painting seem adversarial or (at the very least) none too happy with each other. Plus, the alert viewer will notice that the multi-legged chimera... is itself an apparent creation (offspring?) of that mechanical canoid of dubious origin. Teratology has taken a holiday here and Bosch himself would have been pleased with this modest garden of unearthly delights.

All prints are Signed & Numbered by the Artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from 1xRUN.

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