Tuesday, April 19, 2011

0000 Movie Poster by Iron Jaiden on sale details

Iron Jaiden was commissioned recently to create a poster for Eddie Alcazar's upcoming mind bending sci-fi masterpiece '0000'. If you haven't already seen the gorgeous teaser trailer for this film please do yourself a favor and check it out HERE.
IJ worked closely with Mr. Alcazar during the creation of this poster and is more than pleased with the results.

The poster is a 12" x 24" 7 color screen print.
It's an edition of 100 with only a handful available through IJ on Friday, April 29th at midnight Mountain time.
As is becoming tradition the poster will be released at the stroke of midnight (that would be Friday night, not Thursday night)

He only has 35 for sale as the rest went to the director. Hit his store on Friday the 29th and don't be late.

Iron Jaiden website HERE

official film site here: http://www.0000themovie.com/


  1. I'm not too sure what timezone ironjaiden is in.What time is this in UK GMT? ideas anyone?

  2. As i mentioned above he is in the Mountain Time Zone which is 2 hours behind Eastern Time Zone


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