Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revok has been sentenced to 180 days in jail

Every accused criminal has the right to a speedy trial, but when a case is pushed through the court system less than a day after the arrest, it seems that the process is more suspect than the suspect.

The LA Times is reporting that Revok has already been sentenced by a judge to 180 days in jail. This entire case seems fishy, and the real crime seems to be the abusive, authoritative, and heavy handed method that the LAPD has employed with Revok.

Revok was arrested by a special LAPD vandal squad at LAX. Revok was taken into custody and had the insane bail amount set at $320,000. To put that in perspective, OJ's bail was set at $250,000 and a child molester gets $100,000. Furthermore, Revok wasn't even charged with a new crime. All he was charged with, and found guilty of, was violating the terms of his parole. But as soon as he was arrested, the LAPD issued a press release touting a 'high profile' graffiti arrest. Lindsay Lohan got 120 days for violating her probation.

The biggest crime in this saga has been the way that the LAPD has handled this case. At best, the LAPD shows an overaggressive appetite to pursue art 'criminals'. And at worst, it is an Orwellian example of an abusive government, reminiscent of the KGB or Nazi Germany.

No doubt that this most recent arrest is going to make Revok's name ring out bigger and louder than ever. And he is going to reap the rewards of this arrest once he gets out of jail. But it sucks that it had to happen--and the way it happened, and my thoughts and wishes are with Revok during his 180 day stint in jail.

Via Melrose and Fairfax


  1. Revok does some sick graffiti and his designs are very attractive. It's a shame that LAPD must go to such extreme measures to prevent such beautiful public art.


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