Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arik Roper’s Shadowscapes Series "Crypt Assassin" on sale now

At last, the second installment of the Shadowscapes Series by Arik Roper is ready to ship! "Crypt Assassin” is a 17”x22” giclee, printed on 330 gsm Arches Aquarelle watercolor stock and comes packaged inside a screenprinted manila envelope, this time printed with red ink. The print and envelope ships flat, packed securely inside a screenprinted box. Signed and numbered edition of 50 pcs, available now!

Buy it HERE

Arik Roper on the series:

Shadowscapes is an image series based on pure imagination, unbridled escapism and inner visions. The project is a personal one, inspired by my interest in the idea that every creative concept is a new reality. Initially this new reality may be limited to only one mind but the more the concept is articulated and illustrated, the more sentience it acquires. As other minds participate in the imagining of this idea it grows to potentially infinite horizons until we are all creative collaborators in a vast reality that started as a dream, not unlike the one in which you are reading these words. These images are merely seeds of creation, water them if you wish.

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