Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jacob Borshard’s ‘$10,000 Bike Reward’ poster and Bike-O-Rama shirt on sale now

Jacob Borshard’s print above is limited to just 50 signed and numbered copies, and the 20 copies he brought to Flatstock Austin last month BLEW OUT of there, so he only has 30 now for sale. The T-shirt is a pre-sale item, and will be limited to 100 copies worldwide, and will ship within 2 weeks of the orders placed.

I can PRETTY MUCH guarantee every penny Jacob receives from this sale will go to helping him craft his completely insane Batmobile project. Yes he is turning his Miata into a 60's Batmobile, it is pure engineering genius, read about it HERE. Think of this as a Kickstarter, but better than some stupid books for schoolchildren in Texas program.

Both the t-shirt and poster are available NOW in the Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

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