Thursday, December 22, 2011


Details from Malleus :

We worked on it for some days.
Really. We did.
And it’s been quite difficult.
We wanted to offer You something different, something You could choose from.
So we thought about 5 (!!!) various versions of subscription.
We decided they had to reflect different materials, so we started from stone to reach bronze.
Then Iron and Steel will lead You to Adamantium!!!
I know that You, yes You, the one grumbling!…, I know You’re not interested in the Dario Argento serie.
Don’t worry, You can work out a simple subscription choosing the Stone or the Bronze one.
If You want everything just go for Adamantium.
And If You want other options, just check on our website HERE.
These subscriptions will be limited to a maximum of 20 people total.
So, hurry up if You’re into it and write us to reserve a spot.
There’s everything You’ll need: shipment included (3 shipments during the year with express courier, and flat posters!), priority for possible Art Prints (sorry, they’re not included in the subscription…), payments will be split in 2 or 3 parts (good thing, uh?), a special print ONLY for the subscribers (numbered and signed and with a special dedication to You!), a special t-shirt (yes, of course, it’ll be of You exact size!) and so on.
So, don’t wait too long and go HERE to check out everything!

Subscriptions will start from January 2012.
And they’ll last till the end of the World (21/12/2012)…

Apart from this… hope everything is good.
Xmas is knocking and we’re working at a lot of things trying to finish the most of them to start the new year with a lot of new stuff.
Pretty excited about these!
Have a nice Xmas, if You believe or not it’s a good time to rest a little;-)

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