Monday, December 12, 2011

Three new Godmachine shirts at Disturbia Clothing

For this piece Frank suggested this idea of 'a magpie collecting jewels and bones, Godmachine jumped at the chance and nearly bit his fingers off to let me do a one colour piece like my posters. Which we also planned to do, and did, and came out great.

I love this one- Disturbia are well know for 'Subverting popular culture', and with this piece Frank send Gocmachine a clip of a music video he loved from a while back of this skull pilot. This pilot though is on a mission from logic and religion is trying to thwart his efforts!!
For this one Frank talked about Ophelia and Godmachine was nervous at first at how to approach this; from the side, from an angle, from above, how to show water with a limited colour palette etc. He stayed away from textures on this one and left it alone figuring it needed some grace.

Disturbia Clothing has added 3 new shirts with killer Godmachine art work on them. Details from Godmachine above.

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