Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wes Winship Doomtree Blowout poster on sale details

Between the 4th and 10th of December, Minneapolis' own almighty Doomtree crew fully stomped seven new holes into First Avenue and 7th Street Entry. After curating 5 straight sold out nights in the Entry featuring dozens of local and national acts, the crew united for 2 sold out nights in the mainroom. That's right - one whole f*cking week!

This year's blowout (their 7th annual mega-jam) coincides with the release of Doomtree's best album yet, "No Kings." This huge album and huge week at First Avenue truly deserve a huge poster, and Wes Winship did indeed deliver. Here is his homage to the album's artwork and its concept that no man should be higher than another. Wes filled up a giant, ornate crown with all of the handwritten concert info (and that's a LOT of info) and then he and Ben LaFond ghostbustered it outta here. Each print is screenprinted and handpainted / inked / spraypainted / splattered and no two are alike!

Check out some images from the making of this print on our blog: BRLSQ x DOOMTREE

Signed & numbered edition of 100 prints on mixed French paper
2 color screenprint + additional ink & paint
19 x 25"

Artist: Wes Winship
Printed by: Ben LaFond
Hand-embellished by: Ben LaFond, Wes Winship,
Sara Syverhus, Sarah Schatz

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