Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dario Argento movie posters by Malleus on sale details

Dark City Gallery will be releasing nine (once eight, but now nine) hand printed silkscreen posters, celebrating the key films of Italian horror master, Dario Argento. The fabulous Malleus will be creating nine original poster designs for this series, so expect some extraordinary artwork!

Both (regular and variant) editions of 'The Bird With The Crystal Plumage' will be available from January 2nd 2012 at Dark City Gallery. In the meantime 15 regular sets of the Dario Argento Malleus series will be available for pre-order at a random time today 20th December 2011. These set's will also be available at Dark City Gallery today as well.

Here are the full details:

Here's your chance to pre-order the complete (9 print 'Regular') set of Dario Argento posters by Malleus! Only 15 sets are available! PLEASE NOTE: This set does NOT include the variant editions.

Approximately every month from January 2012 Dark City Gallery will be releasing a limited edition Malleus poster for a specific Dario Argento film.. There will be nine titles in the series.

If you pre-order the complete set, you get:

1) All nine posters for a reduced price (e.g. one print worth £40 is free from the set)

2) You will receive free shipping for every print, regardless of whether you are in the UK or overseas (if you are outside Europe you save yourself £72 on shipping).

3) You will also receive (the first print from the series) 'The bird With The Crystal Plumage' before anyone else.

4) Your poster set will have matching numbers.

5) A 'variant' edition will be offered to you (first) with every new release. If you wish to purchase the £60 'variant' edition it will be shipped out with your 'regular' print. It will also have the same matching number as your 'regular' set.

Buy them at DarkCityGallery.com

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