Friday, December 16, 2011

Kurt Volk Raiders Toht Bag Tote Bag!

Kurt Volk is a huge nerd- our kind of nerd. Not only did he c0-direct the Star Wars documentary “The Last Hope”, but he’s ALSO the graphic designer for Troublemaker Studios, designing posters and logos for everything coming out of Robert Rodriguez’ studio- and when he’s not doing all of THAT stuff, he’s making awesome pop-culture bombs like this Toht Bag.

This completely hilarious canvas bag is perfect for carrying home your groceries, weird-ass German clothes hangers, or blazing hot Headpieces of the Staff of Ra. Take it to your next fashionable vodka drinking contest!

Look, we’re not going to explain this one to you, okay?

This silkscreened canvas tote bag is printed in the US and limited to just 100 copies for this pressing, and WILL ship in time for most US orders to receive them by Christmas! (But no promises- weather can be unpredictable, eh?)

Pick them up HERE! And go raiding for your Holy Grail of the Holiday season.

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