Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DKNG Studio's Phish New Year’s Eve Run 2011-2012 Posters

For any poster artist, creating work for the legendary band Phish is an honor. DKNG Studio's were asked to create their fifth poster for them was exciting enough. Making it for their annual New Year’s Eve Run, a four night concert series held at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York City, was jaw dropping to say the least.

They created two color variants of the poster, each with an edition of 700 and measuring 18 x 24 inches. They will be selling a very limited amount of each poster in their online store starting on New Year’s Eve. Below is a process video for the design.

Phish (New Year's Run 2011-2012) - Poster Process from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.

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